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About our youth!

Our Youth team

At Central, we have many opportunities for young people to be involved in the church in different ways!

On Sunday morning, we have a Junior Church and Creche, which are fully staffed and packed with lots of exciting and interactive teaching... last week we were fishing... but there was no water in sight! Interesting... Some of our teens are ‘ young helpers’ so supporting the younger ones.

We have a youth group for those 8 year + ‘ Freespirit’... this is our chance to get young people together, share outings and perhaps enjoy activities they might not be able to at home! The object? To have fun in a safe community! Some Sundays this is followed by an evening service which lasts about 30 mins... often this is interactive and sometimes involves cake!

On Friday morning, Tea and Toddlers meet each week from 10am... let the little ones play with the huge range of activities available, great for meeting friends and perfect time – filler for Mum, dad, granny, grandpa or childminders!

Friday night is Brigade night! Our Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade meet from 5pm and work towards badges, play games and share JAM ( Jesus and Me) time every week. We always have fun... from our 5 year olds to our very big older ones!!

Our worship once a month is focused on being aimed at the young people... with activities in the service for the children, and we don’t mind a bit of noise!

Come and see us!

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