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A Message From The Minister

We want to make you welcome, not just to a building but to a group of people who believe that God matters in their lives.

Through worshipping God and following Jesus Christ we find meaning and purpose for our lives.

The Methodist Church values its place as part of the Christian church throughout the whole world, and you will find Methodist Churches in most countries.

What might you expect in a Methodist Church?


Our services are led by ministers and by trained lay or (as we call them) ‘local’ preachers so you will not see the same person at the front each week. A preaching plan is available so you can see what is happening in the weeks ahead. Please take one.

Worship in a Methodist Church is more free than in some, though there is a set order of service for specials such as communion and infant baptism.

Music and singing, both old and new, are important ways for Methodists to express their faith.

We have an open table at Holy Communion for we believe that the invitation is for all who love the Lord Jesus Christ - it is his invitation to be taken seriously.

We believe that the good news of Jesus is both evangelical and social. It IS a message of personal salvation and of social concern. Both matter.

Parents and children of all ages are welcome. We try to respond to the needs of all.

Getting to know people is two-way; don’t always wait to be spoken to - a smile or a brief word can open many a door!

The short guide to membership summarises our commitment in this way:

  • All those who confess Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and accept the obligation to serve Him in the life of the Church and the world are welcome as full members of the Methodist Church.
  • In the Church members are committed to worship, Holy Communion, fellowship and service, prayer and Bible study and responsible giving.
  • In the world members are committed to the working out of their faith in daily life, the offering of personal service in the community, the Christian use of their resources, and the support of the Church in its total world mission.
You may be just exploring what worship of God and the Christian gospel is all about. If so, I hope that you will learn more each week and be able to feel at home and ask questions and get to know people better. During each week there are activities to cover a wide range of ages and interest.

Details of each and contact names are given for each one. I hope that you will keep coming and perhaps explore further what it means to be a Christian and to become a member of Christ’s church.

Once again, welcome to Central. Please contact me via the Main Menu if you would like further information.