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Girls Brigade

2nd Letchworth Garden City Company


The Girls’ Brigade is a Christian uniformed organization for girls between 5 and 21 years. We meet Friday evenings at Central during term-time. The company is divided into four age groups - Explorers 5 – 8, Juniors 8 – 11, Seniors 11-14 and Brigaders 14+.

Badge-work, on subjects divided between Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Service sections, takes up most of our evening. Girls have to complete one subject from each section before gaining a badge. This encourages girls to develop an all-round physical, mental and spiritual maturity and also promotes their interest in practical service to home, community and church. We have a games session each week and an epilogue each week before going home.

Church parades are held approximately monthly, when we have All-Age Worship and many of our members take part in the service. Parents are encouraged to support us, especially when we have our ‘Open Evening’ when girls are presented with badges and then give a display of work learned during the year.

During the summer we follow a varied programme of outdoor activities.